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Alana Hughes

by Alana Hughes

Alana Hughes

Such a
Success Story

by Alana Hughes

In any type of relationship one thing that is hard to come by is TRUST! Doesn’t matter where you go or who you are! If you don’t have trust, you don’t have anything! That’s what most relationships are built on!!

Growing up trusting adults is hard to do, because you don’t want them to judge you and trusting friends is hard to do because you don’t want them to go around blabbing all your business to everyone and their mama!! Then came the program One Pearl, which changed everything I thought about trusting an adult!

I found someone who I could trust with any and all things and my did that feel great! The year was 2005 and I was in the 6th grade, at that time I was insecure about a lot of things. I was young and didn’t know much, but Mrs. Sharply changed all of that, she ALWAYS reassured me about whatever my problem or issue was! I knew I had been blessed when I found my angel, my motivation and my inspiration!

There was a program called “Girl Talk” and that’s exactly what we had, Girl Talk, it was interesting to see someone talk to us about things that our parents probably wouldn’t. She didn’t use big crazy words that we would need a dictionary to figure it out and she didn’t use words that you would use for younger kids! She was real and straight to the point!! Yeah we giggled, snickered and laughed but at least she got the message through!
Growing up, I was a little bit on the rough and tomboyish side, and I was ALWAYS and when I said ALWAYS, I MEAN ALWAYS getting in trouble! For some reason or another I continued to find myself either in the principal’s office or in Mrs. Sharply’s office trying to keep myself out of trouble! I was always fighting and mouthing off to people! I’ve had a many of talks with her!

All of that got turned around though! Seriously, One Pearl has changed my life drastically and I'm FOREVER GRATEFUL and ETERNALLY



THANKFUL for all the hard work that was put into this!! It was amazing to see what then was just one person would do with these girls.

Going from a pre-teen to a teen was rough but it was TRULY only by the Grace of God and One Pearl that I made it through to see 19! There were times were I felt like giving up, I felt like I had no where to turn, there were times I just didn’t know! But one thing I did know was, I had my girls in One Pearl and Mrs. Sharply to lean on and turn to!

I remember learning things in this program that I KNOW I wouldn’t have learned anywhere else, and since then I have kept those with me! Any and every situation that I have faced, I remember there was AT LEAST one thing from One Pearl that I learned that I could use in that situation!

High school was no joke for me! I almost didn’t graduate but my angel came to my rescue, as always and gave me the strength to keep running the race no matter how hard and tough it got to be!!I owe June 9, 2009 to Derschaun Sharpley (my graduation day)! Had it not been for her I probably would be dead somewhere, doing something I have no business doing, or not doing anything with my life!! This program has truly touched my life and I really don’t know where I would be! I appreciate EVERY SINGLE THING that One Pearl and Mrs. Sharply as a person has done for me!! I don’t think anyone knows how much this program has meant to me! I promise you, if you sign your child up for this, you absolutely won’t regret it!! I’m a living testimony of what a little TLC can do for a child!!

Derschaun Sharpley this is for you!!


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