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hislogoH.I.S. Agency: Helping Individuals Succeed: Teaching youth character development, leadership skills and etiquette... youarethegiftYou Are the Gift: Annual conference — a power packed day filled with information, inspiration and motivation... meetderschaunInspirational Speaker: President and Founder of H.I.S., is broadening her offering through an international appeal...


After more than a decade strengthening families and the lives of inner city youth in Detroit, Michigan, Dr. Derschaun Sharpley, President and Founder of Helping Individuals Succeed (H.I.S.), is extending her reach on an international platform to shine a light on the disparities and injustices children face daily all over the world.

Dr. Sharpley is committed to assisting children build positive character and life skills through etiquette and interpersonal communication for the development of productive members of society. Broadening her offering on the international level, Dr. Sharpley is now able to effect positive change in her community and around the world. 

In her role as a program manager with the Detroit Public Schools, and then through Helping Individuals Succeed (H.I.S.), Dr. Sharpley has tirelessly served to foster responsibility, integrity and respect in youth, while empowering them to not let the life they were born into, be the future they end up with. Her years in the public school system have afforded Dr. Sharpley with intimate knowledge of what many youth, especially those living in impoverished areas, are missing in their lives. 

Through H.I.S. and her annual You Are The Gift Conference, Dr. Sharpley is giving youth inter and intra-personal leadership and communication skills, while building their self-esteem. Dr. Derschaun has the commitment, care, concern, knowledge, and compassion needed to make a difference in the future of our children.

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